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Manisa: One of the major cities of the Aegean region Manisa, with its history dating back to ancient times, bears many mysteries.

Manisa, which took its place in history as the “Town of Shahzadahs” during the Ottoman era, has been the center of many ancient cities.

Located at the magnificent geography between the Spil Mountain and Gediz
River, the city fascinates all visitors with its rich history and scenic beauty. Harboring the production plants of many large companies, Manisa is also the center of industry.  

The western parts of the province are reined by a Mediterranean climate while the interior regions of Manisa have a continental climate. The generally hot and dry summers are followed by mild and rainy winters.

Manisa is an ideal holiday destination for vacationers who want to explore the beautiful nature of the region and to follow the trails of history and to get to know the monuments of the Ottoman Empire.

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