A Blue Cruise Around Bozburun!
A Blue Cruise Around Bozburun!
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What’s a blue cruise, or blue voyage? Where do they go? What’s the point? Well… the best vacations are the ones that are the most relaxing – the ones that leave you refreshed and ready to get back to work once you get back home. A “Blue Cruise” or “Blue Voyage” is a trip, often a week-long or less, that relaxedly travels along the beautiful coast of the Turquoise Riviera: taking in the sights, swimming in virgin coves untouched by mankind, eating freshly-caught seafood, and dozing off to the rippling of the waves in the background. A blue cruise around Bozburun is one of the classic spots for a couple of reasons. First of all, the vessel you’ll be traveling in is maybe the world’s greatest invention for just this purpose. And secondly – wow the things you’ll see on your cruise! Let’s get started.

Your Home For A Week: A Gulet!

Your Home For A Week: A Gulet

Gulets are a traditional wooden boat with 2 or 3 masts that are made primarily in… (drumroll) Bozburun! These beautiful vessels were originally used as fishing boats, but then came to be used as a convenient mode of transportation around the region, which has many peninsulas and coves making transportation over sea easier than on land in a lot of cases.

Bozburun is located in the southwest of Turkey, just past Marmaris. It's both the name of a town and the peninsula that juts out, overlooking the peninsula of Datça. The prevalence of water all over, and the major seafaring town of Marmaris nearby, is likely why Bozburun became such a major ship building center. And naturally, the particular kind of ship that Bozburun became most famous for is the gulet.

Where You'll Visit For A Week!

The Ancient City Of Knidos

The Ancient City Of Knidos

This is one of the largest ancient cities you’ll ever see, housing two amphitheaters within city limits . But what makes it most incredible? Its location right on the edge of the water. You’ll lounge about all day in the gulet before seeing this stunning town on the edge of the Datça Peninsula. Wander around and admire the acropolis and theaters before climbing back on the boat and enjoying the blue magic of the Aegean.

Dirsek Bükü

This lovely stop even has a restaurant and is one of the most sheltered bays you’ll ever see. The turquoise waters are perfect for swimming in, with pure sand underfoot. This enchanted spot somehow manages to be completely sheltered from waves while still comparatively breezy, meaning that you can stay somewhat cool either on shore or in the water.

Bencik Cove

Bencik is actually a series of small coves with walking paths for those who want to stroll along the shore, and the sunset in the evenings is simply stunning.

Dişlice (Teeth) Island

You’ll pass by this wonderful island, whose rocks stick out like teeth (thus the name) and it’s a great place for snorkeling, diving, or just wandering around the island.

Aktur and Kurucabuk Coves

These two coves, again between the Bozburun and Datça Peninsulas, are two of the most secluded and beautiful coves you’ll ever see. The water is perfectly turquoise and so clear you can see the bottom at well over 6 feet of depth. Jump off that gulet and enjoy the shimmering sea!

Perili Köşk Cove

This cove is named after a haunted mansion of the same name, and there’s a hotel on the island that’s rumored to be haunted. Get a bit of fear into that otherwise relaxing holiday!

The Town of Datça

The Town of Datça

This town is actually one of the most picturesque in all of Turkey, maintaining both its sense of “quaint fishing village” while still being easily accessible for tourists, with a hospital and hotels and wonderful restaurants, as well as an ancient theater where concerts are still performed today!

And Countless Other Coves

And Countless Other Coves

The true highlight of Blue Cruises is going along the coves along either breathtaking peninsula and discovering your own sliver of paradise. Coves make the water totally pure and still, so that it feels like you’re swimming in a pool even as the entire sea opens up before you. With the view of your beautiful gulet behind you, a blue cruise from Bozburun is truly one of the great relaxing trips anywhere in the world.

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