Around Turkey: 2 Days in Adana
Around Turkey: 2 Days in Adana
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Around Turkey: 2 Days in Adana

Adana, built on a fertile wetland in the delta of Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers, dates back to 3000 BC. It is one of the most important and developed cities of the Ancient Cilicia Region. Adana, which has witnessed thousands of years of history, is the cradle of many civilizations that have passed from the Hittites to the Ottomans. Today, it can be called the heart of the Çukurova Region for its geographical location. While history buffs enjoy exploring the ruins of ancient cities here, nature lovers may also want to take advantage of cool and fresh air in the Taurus Mountains.

This city has the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. It appeals to every sense, with its richness in nature, history, culture and cuisine. While you are traveling in Adana, your appetite may increase and you have so many different dishes to choose from. After tasting the flavours of Adana’s cuisine, you can travel around the city where you can experience different ages together.

Day 1


Around Turkey: 2 Days in Adana

Start the day by eating an Adana Pastry, one of the most famous flavours of the region for breakfast. It allows you to store energy in a delicious way before your day trip. The first stop after breakfast is Taş Köprü. It is estimated that this building on the Seyhan River, which gave life to Adana, was built by Hadrian, one of the famous Roman Emperors. One of the oldest bridges in the world, and is still actively used. Go for a walk on one of the old bridges and enjoy the magnificent views of Sabancı Central Mosque.

Kapıkaya Canyon

Around Turkey: 2 Days in Adana

Kapıkaya Canyon is a natural beauty that nature enthusiasts must see. The canyon, which is 45 minutes away from Adana and only 4 kilometers away from Karaisalı has become popular in recent years. It is an extremely enjoyable way to experience the nature in the region.

Adana Kebap

Around Turkey: 2 Days in Adana

After a day of exploring, you can turn your dinner into a gourmet tasting by delighting in the world-famous flavours of Adana cuisine with a local drink of turnip juice (şalgam) or buttermilk (ayran). You can find Adana kebab in almost every part of the city!

Day 2

Şar (Comana) Antik Kenti- Ancient City

Around Turkey: 2 Days in Adana

The Ancient City of Shar, located in the Tufanbeyli district of Adana, opens a mystical door to its visitors with many historical remains and findings. The Ancient City of Shar, which has partially survived, mostly hosts works belonging to the Roman period. The most important of these remains is the amphitheatre. Remains of a church are also important artefacts belonging to the Byzantine period that attract attention.

Yılan Kalesi – Snake Castle

Around Turkey: 2 Days in Adana

Located on the historical Silk Road, which goes over the Taurus Mountains to Antakya, Snake Castle (ancient name of Govara) has been a difficult castle to conquer throughout history with its extremely smartly designed and placed solid walls, bastions and stairs connecting three doors. Remains of walls belonging to the repairs of many different civilizations stand out on the building.

Adana, a city of flavours, brings the inspiration from the regional cuisines to the tables by blending them. In the city where the catering culture is very common, do not be surprised that the table where you sit for kebab food is also equipped with dozens of side dishes. Get ready to enjoy new flavours!

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