Around Turkey: 2 Days In Van
Around Turkey: 2 Days In Van
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Van, the beautiful city of Eastern Anatolia, is considered being one of the oldest cities in the world. It has hosted many civilizations for thousands of years due to its natural beauty and fertile soil. "Tuspa", the old name of Van, means to see the sun. Tuspa was the capital of Urartian civilization dating back to the years before Christ.

Although it is geographically far away from the sea, it has all the features of a sea city with its sunny climate and the lake known as the Van Sea among the locals. Lake Van, Turkey' largest lake, plays an important role in the climate of the city. Continuing to maintain its place among the attraction centres of Eastern Anatolia with its cultural heritage accumulated over the centuries. Van welcomes visitors with a gorgeous lake view, a winter sports centre and various water sports opportunities in summer.

Day 1

Van Breakfast

2 Days In Van

Start your day full of flavour with a typical Van breakfast, which has a special place in Turkish cuisine. One of the biggest reasons why the breakfast culture is such a developed tradition here is the city being on the Silk Road route. In addition to the large variety of food on the table, the biggest feature of the products is that they are all-natural. The way of eating breakfast in the Van breakfast style has proven itself to the world of cuisine.

You'll taste almost 30 kinds of products such as Van honey, yogurt cream, milk cream, butter, tzatziki, herby cheese, knitted cheese, feta cheese, roasted-sausage eggs, olives, and many more. These natural products are accompanied by tea brewed in the samovar. The breakfast is served with a type of tortilla bread and Van buns prepared by special methods and baked in stone ovens.

Van Lake

2 Days In Van

Turkey' largest lake is located between the provinces of Van and Bitlis. Estimated to have formed as a result of the eruption of Mount Nemrut 600 thousand years ago, Lake Van amazes those who see it both with its beauty and size. The water of Van Lake, which is a kind of partial inland sea, does not have an outflowing foot, so its water is bitter and salty. Van Lake is also the world's largest soda lake. The lake region hosts a magnificent history as well as stunning shades of blue and green. It is one of the places to visit in Van with its natural structure and islands.

Akdamar Island and Akdamar Church

2 Days In Van

Akdamar, the largest island in Van Lake, hosts one of the most stunning views of Van. There is also the Surp Cross Church, which is called the Akdamar Church, a must-see place during the Van Lake tour. It offers a great visual in terms of architecture. Plant and animal motifs on the exterior of the church are among the remarkable details.

Day 2

Van Castle

2 Days In Van

Van Castle, which impresses its visitors with its 2700 years of history and magnificent structure, rises on a steep rock on the shore of Van Lake. The inscriptions, rock tombs, temples, walls, mosques and artefacts unearthed in the castle built on the rock, which is 1800 meters long and 100 meters high, shed light on thousands of years of history. Visitors can easily reach the top of the castle thanks to the walking paths made to see the buildings in. The castle is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List in 2016. On top of the castle, you get a 360 degrees view of the city and from the hill watch the sun set against the unique view of Van Lake.

Devil's Bridge

2 Days In Van

Devil' Bridge, located on Bendi Mahi Stream in Van, has a fascinating structure. There is no exact information about when the Devil' Bridge, which bears the traces of the city' rich history, was built. It is estimated to be built in the 13th century by İlhanlı Monarchs. The bridge, which was built on two rocks, is still in use today. The grand vistas will look great in photos.

Muradiye Waterfall

2 Days In Van

Muradiye Waterfall, which is an important part of the natural beauties of Eastern Anatolia, is among the preferred spots for both relaxation and entertainment. Located in Muradiye district of Van, this natural wonder place is beautiful in every season. If you travel in the summer, you can find peace accompanied by colourful flowers and waterfalls from a height of 50 meters. If you travel in winter, you can enjoy the fascinating view filled with frozen ice crystals. Muradiye Waterfall, which will surprise you with its surrounding places to explore, adds a lot to both the history and natural beauty of Eastern Anatolia.

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