The 6 Most Amazing Panoramic Views To Paraglide Over In Turkey
The 6 Most Amazing Panoramic Views To Paraglide Over In Turkey

You travel to Turkey for so many reasons. The history literally dates back to the origins of civilization itself, the beaches and seas are some of the world's best, the cuisine is delicious, the people display incredible hospitality.

Paragliding allows you to have a front row seat to view it all from every angle imaginable. Keep your head in the clouds and enjoy some of the best paragliding spots anywhere in the world!

Paragliding over Ölüdeniz

Paragliding oludeniz

First and foremost on this list is easy, because paragliding over Ölüdeniz from Babadağ is an experience of a lifetime. The breathtaking panorama and stable weather conditions make paragliding over Ölüdeniz easily the best beach front paragliding station in Europe, if not the world.

In particular, its conditions make it ideal for tandem paragliding. Due to its popularity and the beautiful central location of Fethiye (which is also within an hour of the international airport of Dalaman), Ölüdeniz attracts many of the best and most experienced pilots in the world, who take tourists down to the beachfront with an accident rate of exactly 0.

The landing on the white sand beach of Ölüdeniz is one of the most spectacular you'll see, but it's also one of the softest as winds are light so there's no rapid decline and the beachfront is long enough to make for a calm, slow, easy final descent.

But that doesn't mean it's without its excitement! Babadağ itself is almost 2,000 meters high (around 6,500 feet), so you'll have to make sure you're dressed warmly since there's ice year-round at the top. It takes about 30 minutes to paraglide all the way down to the bottom, and in that time you or pilots can take you on 360 degree turns, wingovers and even thermal flows that may extend the descent.

AND THOSE VIEWS! You'll see every inch of the famous blue lagoon, and given that there are very rarely many clouds in the sky, the views for miles over the Mediterranean are almost always stunning.

Babadağ itself is a nice place for hiking or picnicking on a sunny day along the lower slopes as well, so it's worth making a full day of it.

Paragliding over Bodrum and Milas

Paragliding Bodrum

Paragliding has become such a popular activity in over the beaches of Ören in Milas and Bodrum that the hill from which you jump has been renamed Paragliding Hill (Paraşüt Tepesi), which is the highest point of the mountain.

Here you paraglide over stunning nature right onto the beach, passing over beautiful green fields, pastures and forests all the way to the Aegean sea.

The views you get are diverse and breathtaking, with a 600-meter landing after you've opened up your parachcute. The landing is very soft and easy, making it a perfect spot for beginners who visit Bodrum. Another advantage of Milas is that jumps can last for as little as 10 minutes and as long as 10 hours depending on skill levels and interest.

Jumping off from the UNESCO Site of Mount Nemrut

Jumping nemrut

Take off from some of the most haunting sculptures ever created in human history and paraglide down over a stunning lake as the sun rises before you. Does that sound like something you might enjoy? Mount Nemrut offers one of the most unique paragliding experiences in the world.

These sculptures were built around the 1st century B.C. in what is likely around royal tomb. The site is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the name “Nemrut” is likely a derivative of the Biblical name Nimrod.

And that's just the starting spot of this 2,200-meter jump! On the way down, you go over the world's second largest crater lake, Lake Nemrut. It's all part of the Nemrut Caldera, a volcanic caldera atop the volcano of Nemrut.

This is a spot of incredible history, nature, and a touch of mystery and is a little off the beaten path for paragliders, making it the perfect spot for enthusiasts.

Paragliding over Kaş

Paragliding over Kaş

For beginners to paragliding, the 600-1,000-meter hill on Asas looking over Kaş and the Greek island of Kastellorizo is just about perfect. Look out over the stunning Çukurbağ Peninsula as the whole Mediterranean stretches out before you before landing right in Kaş, a town center as quaint and cute as any town you'll ever see.

The Views over Lake Abant

Paragliding off Örencik Plateau over Lake Abant has become a popular pasttime of late, with the greenery that Bolu is famous for and the snow-capped landscape in winter making it a spot for all seasons. The plateau itself is lovely, like a green carpet stretched out, so a picnic followed by paragliding down makes for a perfect day out, before camping around the lake perhaps.

Bolu is just a few hours outside Istanbul, so it's easy to drive over and back within a single day.

Fly Down into Munzur Valley in Erzincan

Munzure Valley National Park is one of the largest and most beautiful in all of Turkey, so what better way to see it all than to paraglide right over it and get a birds-eye view of the whole thing! Paraglide down into the Ekşisu picnic spot and enjoy the rewards of your efforts!

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