The Top 10 Places Where You Can Lay Back And Watch The Stars In Turkey
The Top 10 Places Where You Can Lay Back And Watch The Stars In Turkey

There are 3 requirements to finding an amazing spot to go stargazing. First and foremost, there need to me no lights anywhere around, so you get a clear view of the night sky. Second, you’d like to be high up so that you’re close enough to feel like you can reach out and literally touch the stars. And thirdly, you’d love to be surrounded by stunning natural surroundings, so that your own surroundings are only heightening the beauty of the experience of watching the full night sky.

Turkey’s natural beauty has countless sights that make stargazing one of the favorite pastimes of everyone who visits Turkey, but we narrowed down the list of spots to ten amazing spots to lay back and check out the night sky from.

1- Melikler Yaylası, Isparta:

After research was made on the absolutely darkest peaks of hills all over Turkey, the highest point of complete darkness, giving you the clearest night sky was determined to be this yayla (plateau) in the region of Isparta.

The yayla is flat enough for camping, or you can just camp at the bottom of the Dedegöl Moutain and climb up to it. Around the neighborhood there's also a pretty little village called Yaka which has a canyon nearby of the same name which has some excellent trails for mount biking, and hiking in the region is of course wonderful as well.

2- Olympos, Antalya:

Olympos, Antalya

Right along the Lycian Way, the tree houses of Olympos and camp grounds surrounding it are wonderful for star gazing, right in Olimpos Beydağları National Park. Every year the Olimpos Sky and Science Festival is organized right here due to its amazing location right on the Mediterranean and the opportunity to see so many stars in a sky that rarely features any clouds at all.

3- Saklıkent, Antalya:

Saklıkent, Antalya

TUBITAK's telescope from their observatory is located here at 2,550 meters high in Bakırtepe. This spot has the best observation conditions anywhere in the region, and indeed is genuinely world class. There are many camping spots all over the region and it's even surrounded relatively close by with more residential areas you can stay at a short drive away.

4- Palandöken, Erzurum:

This mountain is 3,176 meters high, with no forest making it absolutely the perfect location, height and climate for stargazing. Set up your tents on the wide flat mountains or even stay in the city center 10 minutes away from the mountain. It's one of the coldest spots anywhere in the region so remember to bring your blankets and coats as you admire the magnificence of the night sky!

5- Karagöl Nature Park, Bolu:

Karagöl is located on road to Beypazarı, 18 km south of the town of Kıbrıscık, 62 km south of Bolu city center. There are bungalow houses on the lake which can be used for accommodation. There are also areas for tents.

6- Göreme, Nevşehir:

Göreme, Nevşehir

This is right in the center of Cappadocia, and while it's a popular tourist destination it's not built up to the degree where the night sky is covered. Head out into the fairytale wilderness of Cappadocia and admire the magic above you while you're surrounded by the magic of this incredible region.

7- Mount Teke National Park, Ankara:

This spot near Beypazarı one of the least lighted spots in all of Turkey, making it of course one of its quietest and best spots for stargazing!

8- Hatila Valley National Park, Artvin:

Hatila Valley National Park, Artvin:

It'll be cold. It'll be dark. And those stars are really going to light up the night sky like nothing else you've ever seen before at this spot along the Eastern Black Sea. It can be cloudy and rainy at times, so you'll have to wait for a clear day but the landscape all around is simply amazing.

9- Uludağ, Bursa:

Uludağ, Bursa

Uludağ is one of the biggest skiing spots in all of Turkey with a height of 2,543 meters. It's relatively close to Istanbul, just a 90 minute boat ride and 1 hour taxi from the port. It's the highest point of the Marmara Region, so you can take a weekend out to go skiing in the daytime and stargazing at night! Astrofest 2018, a stargazing festival, took place here as well.

10 - Erciyes, Kayseri:

Erciyes, Kayseri

The highest mountain in Central Anatolia has a peak approaching 4,000 meters in height. It offers excellent views as there's nothing obstructing it. 25 kilometers away lies one of the best ski resorts in Turkey as well, with excellent accommodations as well. It's also quite easy to camp out far away from the city lights.

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