Top 5 Spots in Turkey for Birdwatching
Top 5 Spots in Turkey for Birdwatching

Bird watching is a door that opens the mysteries of nature for mankind. The world's most important bird migration routes are situated in Turkey. Turkey hosts more species of birds than the whole of Europe. Approximately 465 species of birds are hosted in the seven geographical regions of Turkey. A truly great place to observe these magnificent creatures. Here are the five most popular places to birdwatch.

Manyas Bird Paradise

Top 5 Spots in Turkey for Birdwatching

Manyas Bird Paradise National Park takes its name from Manyas Lake, one of the four largest lakes of the Marmara Region. Manyas Bird Paradise National Park in South Marmara, with its mild transition climate, is one of the points where 2-3 million birds of 239 bird species have come through during their migration. Here you can observe birds like spoonbills, herons, cormorants, bulbuls, pelicans, swans, geese and ducks.

Sultan Marshes Bird Sanctuary

Top 5 Spots in Turkey for Birdwatching

Turkey's second most important bird sanctuary is the Sultan Marshes Bird Sanctuary. It hosts more than 250 species of birds and is a great hangout spot for those who want to observe nature. Some of the birds you’ll see are cranes, flamingos and perc. They prefer this beautiful wetland to either stand around and rest or to nurture their newborns.

Efteni Lake Bird Sanctuary

Top 5 Spots in Turkey for Birdwatching

Another important bird sanctuary, Efteni Lake Bird Sanctuary is not only located on migration routes but also hosts a total of 150 kinds of birds, 35 of which are permanent. Bird species that love wetlands such as crested white herons, wild ducks, storks, angit and swans are the most abundant birds here. This lake is also famous in the production and protection of waterfowl.

Bafa Lake Bird Sanctuary

Top 5 Spots in Turkey for Birdwatching

Bafa Lake Bird Sanctuary, located between Söke district of Aydın and Muğla, has significance since it hosts endangered bird species such as crested pelicans and sea eagles. The Lake and its wide range of environment offer value for ornithology. 260 bird species can be observed in 16 thousand hectares.

Göksu Delta

Top 5 Spots in Turkey for Birdwatching

The Göksu Delta in Mersin is an internationally important region that offers the opportunity of living, breeding, feeding and accommodation to rare and endangered bird species. Approximately 300 species of birds use one of the world's leading bird migration routes, as a wintering and incubation area, contributing to the formation of an interesting and lively landscape in almost every season of the year. Besides the domestic birds, the purple gallinule, which is seen in rare parts of the Mediterranean and becoming harder and harder to see, is the symbol of the region.

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