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The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean region is known as Akdeniz in Turkish. Bordered by the Aegean to the west, central Anatolia to the north and South-Eastern Anatolia to the east. This lush mountainous region that features the Toros mountains, has a semi-arid climate with dry summers and mild winters. Very popular with tourists, as not only does it host magnificent beaches but also perfect for the explorer and adventure lover.

Eastern Anatolia

Located in the eastern most part of Turkey. Eastern Anatolia is similar to one huge national park. Spectacular and dramatic views await you. This region is rich in natural foliage and home to the magnificent Mount Ararat, many stunning ski resorts, as well as breath-taking archaeological sites. If you want to escape the west and go back in time to how life used to be then this is the region for you

The Aegean

The Aegean region of Turkey has its beautiful landscapes, dazzling coastlines, immaculate beaches, pine woods and olive groves. Perfect for nature lovers, photographers, history buffs and adrenaline junkies. Many popular holiday villages and fishing harbours are scattered up and down the coast.

The Marmara

The region where east indeed meets west. To the north west, Greece and Bulgaria add to local traditions. Istanbul, Turkey’s largest and most vibrant city stands, a bustling, vibrant, cosmopolitan hive of energy. Soaked in history and reminisce of the Ottoman times. The ancient Ottoman capital of Bursa is known not only for its historic architecture but also where Turkey’s elite spend their winters skiing on the mountain of Uludağ. A must visit region for every traveller.

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