• European countries developed their coffee brewing methods after deriving coffee drinking habit from the Turks; however, the method of brewing Turkish coffee has
  • In Turkey, there is a rich tradition associated with liquor. Drinking alcoholic beverages in the company of family and friends at home as well as in taverns and
  • Volumes have been written about Turkish coffee; its history, its significance in social life, and the ambiance of the ubiquitous coffee houses. Without some und
  • The ceremonial meal where groups of men and women all work together cooking wheat and meat in large cauldrons over an open fire is called "keşkek", and the ritu
  • The foundation of Turkish food is, if anything, dough made of wheat flour. Besides "ekmek" (ordinary white bread), "pide" (flat bread), "simit" (sesame seed rin
  • "Kebab" is another category of food which, like the börek, is typically Turkish dating back to the time when the nomadic Turks learned to grill and roast meat o
  • The importance of culinary art to the Ottoman Sultans, who followed the sacred advice of Islam to "Feed the Hungry", is evident to every visitor of Topkapı Pala
  • Lavash, Katyrma, Jupka and Yufka being varieties of round- or oval-shaped thin breads that take shape by rolling dough by hand or using a dough roller, called "
  • Four seas (the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean) surround the Turkish landscape. Residents of the coastal cities are experts in
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