Sunset chasing is now one of the most popular travel activities, with everyone racing to share the best sunset photos across social media and become the envy of all their friends and followers. Well, Istanbul’s no slouch when it comes to presenting stunning sunset shots, and we’ve got you some of the best sunset spots in the city just waiting for you to snap them!

Galata Tower

This tower was built in the 14th century by the Genoese and has played an important part in Istanbul’s history ever since, and more importantly an important part of Istanbul’s skyline ever since! This was once the highest point of the city, and is where famously Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi used artificial wings to “fly” across the Bosphorus.

Today you get a full 360 panoramic view of the whole city from one of its most iconic buildings. Stand at the spot right where Hazarfen took off and catch every inch of the city’s amazing skyline as it turns shades of pink, purple and red as the sun sets behind you.

Sanatkarlar Park

Sunset in Istanbul is all about the sun changing the color of the Bosphorus before your eyes as it goes orange, red and purple and every color in between. This park, right on the edge of Beyoğlu as the hill slopes down towards the Bosphorus, presents some of the most open views of the entire Bosphorus, from Topkapi Palace and the Hagia Sophia all the way across to the bridge connecting Europe and Asia.

As it’s a public park, feel free to pick up a bag of chips or popcorn on your way down and enjoy the sun setting before you.

Maiden's Tower

You’ll have to take a boat out to this one, but it’s totally worth it! Take the boat right out to the Maiden’s Tower, now a restaurant/café, and see as the sun sets right over the historic peninsula, with you in the middle of the Bosphorus capturing it all.

Büyük Çamlıca Hill

Çamlıca represents one of the highest views in the city, and features two hills overlooking the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea. There are many pavilions and summer palaces to relax on and get a bite to eat as well as sip a Turkish tea before you take that perfect shot of the sunset from one of the most prominent places anywhere in the city. Now one of the largest mosques in Istanbul has been built right on this hill, making an especially striking shot as the minarets rise up over the city, perfect for you to silhouette it against the background of another of Istanbul’s stunning sunsets.

Pierre Loti

Looking for the best views as the sun sets over the Golden Horn? Well there’s no question where they lie – right here, at the top of Pierre Loti Hill where you can sip a Turkish tea with the entire historic peninsula as a backdrop! The hill was named for the well-known French novelist Pierre Loti, who loved the city and this view in particular. So look out and make sure you get all the colors the Golden Horn turns into as the sun sets behind it, along with all the historic wonders you’ll see over the entire Peninsula, as well as the Galata Tower on the other side!

Büyük Valide Han

This is one of the more secret spots in the city, but ultimately it’s still maybe the best. Climb up through this secret passageway right up to the top of the Historic Peninsula and find yourself all alone on a rooftop with the whole city before you! The sun will set behind you and light up the entire Golden Horn and Bosphorus, and you won’t believe the view you’re getting in every direction.

Otağtepe Park

Otağtepe Park is located at the mouth of the second bridge on the Asian side of the city. It’s one of the lesser known parks and as a result you’ve got the opportunity to get the best sunset shot that nobody else even knows about! The sun sets across from you, shimmering on the Bosphorus as the bridge stretches out before you into the greenery you’re standing in. It’s set on a large hill, so you’re overlooking everything and it’s a truly magnificent vista where you’ll be able to enjoy the view all to yourself.



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