With so many clock towers throughout Turkey, we’ve got even more clock towers scattered in cities you’ll need to visit for a whole host of reasons. Here are 5 more clock towers that are simply unforgettable in Turkey.

Antalya Clock Tower 

The ancient walls of Antalya once featured 80 towers. now just one remains. In its current form, the clock tower was built in 1901 by Sultan Abdül Hamid II as part of his celebration of the 25th anniversary of his ascent to the throne. The clock itself was a gift from German emperor Wilhelm II, and the clock tower's construction was overseen by Grand Vizier Said Pasha.

Today it's known as "Castle Gate" (Kale Kapısı in Turkish). Some of the base of the castle is made from materials salvaged from Byzantine ruins.

The mechanical workings of the clock were changed in 1974, though the bell remains from the original.

Bursa - Tophane Clock Tower 

The clock tower in Tophane Park was built in 1905. It was actually used as a fire tower for quite a while due to the panoramic views of Bursa, which now of course offers tourists the same spectacular views. Enter the tower from its southern entrance, with 89 steps leading up to the top. There are clock faces on all four sides of the tower, each measuring 90 cm in diameter. The clock no longer functions properly, but still takes its place in the skyline of Bursa as well as being an ideal spot to overlook the whole city.

Adana - Büyük Saat 

Büyük Saat, meaning literally the Great Clock Tower, is the tallest clock tower in all of Turkey at a total of 32 meters. It's situated right in the middle of the old town of Adana. The clock, when it was first built in 1882, was considered a massive development for the city. It chimed on the hour, and the city's work-life (and religious life) changed completely around the new central time-keeping mechanism. The call to prayer was organized around the time kept by the clock, and its position dead center in the middle of the city meant that it was arguably the city's greatest landmark. At one point in time local residents even believed the water in the springs held healing powers.

It recently went under renovation, finishing in 2014. Now, still right in the middle of the city center, it's one of the finest clock towers you'll see anywhere in the world.

Nusretiye Clock Tower 

Nusretiye Clock Tower, or Tophane Clock Tower, is a magnificent clock tower right at the foot of Istanbul's bustling district of Beyoğlu, along the Bosphorus in the neighborhood of Tophane. It sits next to Nusretiye Mosque, designed by the architect Mimar Sinan, which itself is one of the finest architectural works in the city.

The clock tower was designed by the architect Garabet Amira Balyan from the famous Balyan family in 1848, and you'll notice the signature, or "tughra" of Sultan Abdülmecid I above its entrance.

Yıldız Clock Tower

The Yıldız Clock Tower is the clock tower belonging to the Yıldız Palace complext in the neighborhood of Beşiktaş in Istanbul, right along the Bosphorus. The 3-storey tower houses quite a lot, with inscriptions inside, a thermometer and barometer, and even a compass on its ornate roof.

The surrounding palace and nearby Yıldız Park form a complex that make the whole development wonderful to visit, with the park being the largest park in all of Istanbul (and itself recently renovated). The palace and park became the residence of Sultan Abdülhamid II and the tower was constructed on his orders as well, completed in 1890.

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