Getting out of the big city is one of the best ways to spend a weekend with the family. Discover the beauty of nature, of fresh air, of wildlife all around. Luckily Turkey has loads of incredible national parks with cabins and beautiful places to stay. Each is different than the next, with a different feel and a different style. But ultimately the end goal is the same: to spend some quality time in nature with your family.

Obviously camping in a tent is always an option, but for the family that would rather stay in a spot with a FEW more amenities, Turkey has plenty of spots with hotels or cabins to stay in where you can be nice and warm and comfortable after a hike through the woods. Here are the top places to choose from when you’re looking at the natural beauty of Turkey.

Yedigöller National Park

This is a few hours drive from Istanbul, and is one of the most stunning national parks in Turkey. The name means “Seven Lakes” National Park, which takes its name from the 7 small lakes around. The forests smell beautiful of crunchy leaves, oak, alder, pine, and hazelnut trees and the colors of the forest in the fall is unbelievable.

There are hot springs, hiking trails, and even fishing spots in the lake for you to enjoy your days, and plenty of places at night to either pitch a tent or find a cabin to stay in.

The park is massive, and there are so many activities to do and so much beauty to see. It’s open year round, though in winter it can get snow and be a bit chilly (while still being relatively cool in the summer).

Whenever you go, it’s one of the most beautiful forests you’ll ever see and the perfect place to spend a holiday in a cabin with the family.

Mount Ida (Kaz Dağları)

There’s a beautiful creek up in the mountains called Zeytinli Creek which features hiking and swimming spots as well as plenty of places again to either camp or stay in a cabin or tree house. Places will serve fresh local food from the forest, which is simple and unbelievably delicious.

Bördübet, Marmaris

This remote spot in the middle of a beautiful pine forest around where the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas converge is such a beautiful spot. The forest runs right up to the beach, and there are beautiful cabins all around. There are caves to explore, fishing tours, and hikes complete with guides to take you around. This is truly a marvelous spot.

Köprülü Canyon National Park

This park is named after the historic bridge located in the park, and the forest of cedar, pine, and cypress trees surrounds canyons that are deep and lovely. There are ancient ruins of the temples of Zeus and Artemis in the forest, as well as wonderful options for accommodation.

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