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22°C Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudyİstanbul, Turkey
19°C Cloudy CloudyAnkara, Turkey
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Privacy Policy


To become a member of the www.goturkey.com and to make use of all services on the website, you first have to complete the registration form and approve and declare to comply with the provisions of the www.goturkey.com membership agreement.. This confidentiality agreement is a part of the mentioned Fair Stand Service Agreement, Visitor Agreement and User Agreement and is arranged at the time of the approval of the User Agreement by the user only for the www.goturkey.com members.


www.goturkey.com shall not disclose the personel information to third parties transmitted by the users on the www.goturkey.com website except for the determined purposes with the Confidentiality Policy. Personal information, name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address as well as any other information to identify the user consists will briefly referred to as Confidential Information. except the extent defined in this Privacy Policy and User Agreement will not disclose personal information to any company or third parties.  Go Turkey will use personal information to determine the customer profile and statistical studies by its own and only able to share with third parties for these studies. www.goturkey.com commits to keep personal information strictly private and confidential,consider it as an obligation of confidentiality, to provide and maintain the confidentiality and to undertake necessary precautions to avoid the entry of the whole or any part of the secret information into the public domain, or unauthorised use or disclosure to a third party. GoTurkey. will not have any liability for damages on confidential informations or passing into third hands as a result of attacks on the www.goturkey.com website and on the system in despite of the necessary information security measures undertaken by www.goturkey.com. www.goturkey.com can obtain the information concerning users and the use of the www.goturkey.com website by the users by using a technical communication file (cookies). However users can, if they wish, change their browser settings if techncial communication files are not received or required to provide for an alert when technical communication files are sent. www.goturkey.com can unilaterally change the provisions of this Confidentiality Policy at any time provided it is published on the www.goturkey.com website. Te Confidentiality Policy provisions which are changed by www.goturkey.com shall enter into force on the date of publication on www.goturkey.com website.


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