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  • Traditional Craftsmanship of Çini-Making

    Traditional Craftsmanship of Çini-Making

    Glazed tile and ceramic household stuffs or wallboards of several colours and motifs made by firing the pulped clay soil are called "çini". Çini-making means the craftsmanship shaped around traditional Turkish art of çini since 12th century with its own s...



    While history buffs can enjoy exploring the ruins of ancient cities, nature-lovers find repose breathing the cool, clean air in the Taurus Mountains. Set in the heart of the Çukurova (Cilician) Plain, Turkey’s fourth largest city Adana has a history that ...

  • Ebru


    Ebru is the traditional art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then transforming this pattern to a special paper. It has been a traditional art of book enriching calligraphy and binding books...



    A stop on the Silk Road with countless trails of diverse religions addressing hearts and minds of believers. Aksaray, with its riches including the Ihlara Valley, spots for faith tourism, underground cities, Salt Lake, Mount Hasandağı, ancient cities and ...



    Batman, a museum-like city, is home to the ancient Hasankeyf- a priceless iconic treasure at the Tigris River. The archaeological excavations which have taken place at the Hallan Çemi Mound in the county of Kozluk near Batman have unearthed various orname...



    According to available knowledge the history of the ancient city Anavarza (Anazarbus) goes back to 2100 years, and it has reached its zenith in the 2nd century BC when it was awarded by the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus. Anavarza rapidly developed and be...



    Mosaics adding an aura of great value to a centre where all faiths meet together with a culinary art worth exploring. Hatay is an inexhaustible treasure house of history and a centre of civilization. The evidence of the earliest settlement extends back as...



    Parthenios of ancient times, Bartın impresses visitors with its timbered houses that reflect a different artistic taste. Bartın, Parthenios of ancient times, is a pretty city full of timbered houses that holds a strawberry festival every year in the sprin...



    The estuary, Haliç in Turkish, was called as the Golden Horn by the Byzantines. According to legend it was formed by the thrust of Io’s horns that was transformed into a heifer by Zeus. Another legend relates that the plentiful palamut fish (Atlantic boni...



    The Jewel of Cappadocia The Ihlara (Peristremma in Antiquity) Canyon is one the most popular destinations of the whole Cappadocia Region and the visitors may enjoy marvellous natural beauty and cultural riches side by side. The natural beauty was carved b...

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